Digi punk duo DJ Laptop (programmer/glitch guitar) + Evan Russell Saffer (the voice) crank the virtual amplifiers to 11 = rainMKERS.  It’s a melodic rockin’ electro mix of Billy Idol meets Tokio Hotel.  Want more?  Add some stylings from NIN, Skrillex, GNR, AIC, Depeche Mode and She Wants Revenge.  Still more? Here you go:

Greetings and if you will, I compel to introduce you to the venerable rainMKERS hailing from none other than Brooklyn, New York.  The electro clash punktastic glitch war of opposing forces. featuring the druid lofty stylings of the ancient spirits of oxford city, where the ley lines of pure madness and ghosts of gigantic minds collaborate in the dusty haze of yesterday’s glory with the raw throaty gutteral scream of a neanderthal genius, a careful blend of Iggy Pop and the Great Gatsby infused with the essence of lust from the roots of the american horizon

currently their craft is stationed in the twenty first century metropolis upon the east coast of Americana, this solar system drawing their attention from the many others in this galaxy of dirt

fire and ice, sweet and sour, acid and alkali, pain and ecstasy, lemon and sugar, frustration with the ruts of normality, excitement and the fringes of extraordinarity, who knows what direction this path will take, we invite you to check out our video, a recent capture of the gale of weirdos whom are drawn to the epicentre of this storm: Ocean of Commotion (CHECK VIDEOS)

Based out of Brooklyn, NY rainMKERS are digi punk duo DJ Laptop (programmer/glitch guitar) and Evan Russell Saffer (voxxx). Mixing dub electro, nasty crunk guitar with punk attitude and melodic bipolar vocals. rainMKERS – leave out the A for don’t be an @sshole and ask why……’s actually our initials combined (MK+ERS). The duo came together for Evan Russell Saffer second solo EP the Opponent and as the band paired down to just two they decided to be reborn…rainMKERS.

Evan Russell Saffer: “Coming off the road from the last series of regional tour dates in 2015-2016 we honed our electro punk sound, finished the debut full length album rainMKERS “Ocean of Commotion”, shot a video (dir. Drew Wiedemann) for the title track “Ocean of Commotion” and put together our best live show both musically and visually. We’re coming out again to bring the party, make an impact with our rave-tastic killer live show and the help of our professional team.”

rainMKERS tour campaign will be targeting all events along the routing to maximize the level of electro-pulse every single show: college radio via Tinderbox, media exposure from our friends at Press House, music licensing through AudioSocket as well as word of mouth from our existing fanbase and artist network via Indie On The Move. Fans new and old from rainMKERS and past projects (Fixer – Riker Hill Records, Evan Russell Saffer – Supreme Entertainment) will be coming out to E-ROKK! with us for our roving electro punk party.

UK born DJ Laptop (Martin K) crossed paths with ERS at the now retired CBGB in the lower east side New York City. ERS was performing with former band Fixer. They never met, Laptop returns to UK, follows the story of Fixer 2000-2009 —-Evan Russell Saffer (solo) —-2009-2012
DJLaptop: “I was early for the Fixer show at CBGB so got to see the band line-check. “A bit more delay on the mix” commanded the singer, and as they played a few bars, he sang, his voice started at a middle pitch really loud, and started to glide upwards getting louder, with more vibrato and power with a real raw throaty quality. It just kept going, getting louder and higher, with more vibrato until it reached a soaring height and volume, and just held there for what seemed like forever as the room appeared to shake. Everybody was forced to turn and look at the source of this incredible sound. I’d never heard anything like it: we had all been blinded by this singing. The band then launched into a frenzy of raw punky rock with catchy vocal hooks featuring this unworldly voice. I was an immediate fan.”

Having never been formally introduced in 2007 he has since followed Evan’s career from afar. Skip to 2012 ERS is working on his second solo album (The Opponent) and places an ad for a beatmaker and electronic music producer to help him evolve his sound. Laptop responds with a full explanation of the backstory and a motivation to work together having relocated to the US. He joins the team and The Opponent is released via Uberstrom Label and tour follows.

Mostly a studio year (2016) rainMKERS track “Down That Road” as well as soundscapes and scoring by DJ Laptop are featured on upcoming indie film “Blood Brothers” by director JK Toth.  Most of the entire full length album is tracked and mixed.  (2017)Music Video released for title track to upcoming full length album rainMKERS: “Ocean of Commotion” shot by director Drew Wiedemann.

Some ERS past credits:
Evan Russell Saffer has been performing and recording most of his life, has released records as the frontman for road warriors Fixer (Before The Sun via Riker Hill Records) from 2000-2009 touring coast to coast in the USA. Since embarking on a solo career in 2009 ERS has toured with Tremonti, Hurt, Filter, Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg, Joey Belladonna (Anthrax), Queensryche, Saliva, Candlebox and many others as well as Buzzfest 2012 and Rockapalooza 2008 and 2013. ERS has seen his music featured in various broadcast formats and networks including TLC’s “NY INK”, MTV’s “Awkward”, Exposure: Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2011 (officially released by Playstation Network), ESPN U for use in 2012 college football. ERS has been a featured artist on ReverbNation and MusicDish Secret Sounds vol. 1 as well as performing the National Anthem at Madison Square Garden in NYC for NIT college basketball (see Evan Russell Saffer Youtube channel for live performance video). He also performs stand up comedy regularly and owns Kave Espresso Bar ( in Bushwick, Brooklyn and My Sweet and Only, cafe and lounge at Dazzler Hotel Brooklyn (

After two solo albums under the artist name Evan Russell Saffer (Neon Gas – 2010 (independent), The Opponent – 2013 (Uberstrom) both available on and a revolving door of players, ERS and DJ Laptop have partnered and re-emerge as rainMKERS. RAINMKERS will release their debut album “Ocean OF Commotion” in 2017 citing influences from Skrillex, The Bloody Beetroots, NIN to She Wants Revenge, RATM, Smashing Pumpkins, Alice in Chains. It’s digi punk with anthemic, explosive vocals. The duo are gigging regionally circulating free singles, posters and nipple stickers and building a loyal fanbase with an electronic dance punk party. Get ready for lazers and lunatics. Check out the video for One Friend remix on rainMKERS youtube channel and stay tuned for new video Ocean OF Commotion and sign up for the email list on and follow @rainMKERS on Twitter/Instagram!